Network Monitoring

LEAN Network Information

This software provides a one-stop solution to Telcos and ISPs for monitoring and managing their entire network and connected equipment.


In a networking environment, a company uses multiple software solutions to manage various components of their network. With LEAN Network Monitoring and Management Software, everything can be done from one solution only and no requirement of using multiple softwares.

The solution utilizes SNMP and ICMP protocols for connecting to all the equipment and give real-time status and reports.

Automated, Monitor, Improve

Solution designed to automatically monitor all the network devices, improving overall quality of services.

Network Monitoring

network monitoring

This module focuses on monitoring of entire network in real-time.

  • Registration of devices
  • Allocating devices to customers
  • Monitoring all the nodes of network
  • Monitoring network traffic
  • Bandwidth allocated to every device
  • Managing all devices at various layers in the network
  • Caters to all kinds of networks like Fibre, Wireless, Broadband, Cable etc.

Traffic control

traffic control

This module keeps an eye on traffic, performance and statistics in the network.

  • Traffic management on every device
  • Setting limit of data usage per node and once the data is consumed, appropriate action can be set
  • Customizable rules can be set on network devices for data usage and bandwidth allocation
  • Dropping of bandwidth after reaching data limit

Customer Portal

customer portal

Module focusing specifically on services provided to customer base.

  • Registration of customers
  • Allocation of devices to customers
  • Service package assignment to customers
  • Network bandwidth allocation and rules set for customers/ group of customers
  • Constant monitoring of services on devices
  • All devices information updated in real time in database



This module manages customers’ transactions using the flexible billing system to perfectly suit company’s needs.

  • Billing information of every customer per device
  • Customized billing cycle settings
  • Automatic invoice generation on end of month
  • Calculation does based on package allocated to customer and date usage

Customer Support and Reporting


All customer support is handled by this module.

  • Complaint associated with customer 
  • Assigning of task to particular technician
  • Prioritizing the service requests
  • Customized action settings for customers upon non payment of invoice
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Reduction of speed/ disconnection of services/ re-direction to website for unpaid customers
  • Automatic messaging 

Network Information Mobile App

redirect customer

Mobile app for quality of network connection and it’s information.

This customer app reports all statistical information to backend server in real-time.

  • System Analysis
  • Connection Type
  • Topology
  • Speed Test
  • Signal Strength
  • Channel recommendation
  • Carrier detail
  • Automatic reporting

One Solution For All

The platform of LEAN Net Info solution can be used by any kind of networking company like ISP, Fibre, MDU, Cable, VOIP, WISP and many more.

Let us build smart network!

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