LEAN Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

LEAN ERP is a total business management solution that is 100% customizable.


LEAN ERP provides an integrated view and control of core business processes within an organization.

LEAN ERP facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing  the organization’s efficiency.

This solution is fully customizable which automates all the processes of an organization.

Manage All, Through One

Manage your organization and all the processes through one solution.


customer and vendor

Customer and Vendor Relationship Management

  • Registration of Customers for services
  • Registration of vendors for materials/services purchase
  • Complete profiling registration
  • Segregation on the basis of classification
  • Complete history of orders and invoices 
  • Easy search for vendors and customers
  • Unique identification number for customers and vendors

Business Process Automation

business development

Module for automation of all business process and business opportunities (BO)

  • Company and contact person registration
  • Project assignment to company/contact person
  • Project details for quick reference
  • Assignment of BO to business manager
  • Follow up date and reminder notification to business manager
  • Business opportunity history and steps taken for follow up
  • Set up multiple reminders

Project Management

project management

After converting a business opportunity to real project, this module manages all new and an on-goin projects.

  • Defining various segments of projects
  • Assigning a team with team leader and other team members 
  • Assigning tasks to various members and deadlines
  • Automatic follow up with team members on deadlines
  • Regular progress on all tasks and team members



Human Resources Management System (HRMS) automates entire human resource department of an organization.

  • Registration of various departments
  • Registration of various employees in those departments
  • Employees segregation based on different companies
  • Setting hierarchies of employees
  • Customized rules related to permissions and approvals
  • All employee information quick access



This module automates the entire finance department of an organization.

  • Invoicing
    • Customized invoices for customers
    • Flexible taxes formulae
  • Purchase Orders (PO)
    • Automatic data retrieval
    • Automatic payments and updates
  • Payroll
    • Salary packages registration
    • Automatic calculation of employees’ monthly salaries

Companies, Services and Processes

companies registration

This module manages all company accounts, services offered and process flows.

  • Individual registration of companies under common group
  • Segregation of departments and employees
  • Segregation of POs, invoices and payroll
  • Interconnectivity of processes amongst various companies
  • Registration of various services offered to customer
  • Registration of service packages
  • Assigning packages to customers in groups

Customer Service


Complete customer service automation including service delivery and ticketing processes

    • Complaint request generation
    • Complaint association with customer 
    • Assigning task to a particular technician
    • Clubbing same complaints into a group complaint
    • Prioritizing the service requests on the basis on urgency
    • Automatic notification on completion
    • Closing ticket and future reference database

One Solution For All

The entire solution is modular and can be customized completely according to organizational requirement.

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