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We develop Web, TV and Mobile Apps to make your business flourish.


We develop native and cross-platform Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows; and interactive Apps for Smart-TV, Smart-Watches, Set Top Boxes (STB) and Dongles that broaden the horizons for exponential growth for your business.

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Your Business,
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Let us help you in developing a user friendly portable device application so as to bring your solution in the palms of every possible client of your business.

Mobile App Development

Smart & Interactive Design


Whether it’s a stand-alone or an integrated solution, we design Apps for most complex systems in simplicity, thus bringing ease of use amongst all demographics of people across the globe.

During designing phase, we pay major attention towards extreme performance and fast responsiveness of the App simultaneously making sure of efficient utilization of power and hardware resources. Our unique UI & UX design analysis brings versatility to the App.

Full-Stack Development


We offer full-stack development of apps and softwares on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows along with backend engineering.

For iOS platform, our expert developers bear programming skills in SWIFT, Objective-C and for Android platform, we expertise in core Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, C++ and Python. 

Be it a Mobile Phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Smartwatch, Dongle, STB or any other device, in order to develop state-of-the-art solution, our skillful and talented developers blend their core programming skills with SDKs and NDKs of all the platforms and if necessary use cross platforms like REACT, REACT Native, Flutter and Xamarin.

That's How We Do IT


Out team provides state of the art design with extremely interactive user interface by developing and integrating the App with one or more backend platforms at multiple levels through API driven architecture to make them function as one unified system.

Thus, the App developed by LEANVIA makes it easy to manage and control all the complicated processes at your backend.

Committed To Joint Success


We aim for PINNACLE and we do not settle down till we achieve perfection.

Our ultimate motive is to make you succeed since “In your success is our success”.

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