Digital Signage

LEAN Digital Signage

The platform designed to create, schedule and display content on any number of screens.


LEAN Digital Signage Solution is a highly interactive platform for creating, scheduling and displaying the content and campaigns on any number of screens.

The complete solution comprises of backend management panel along with android and iOS based screen application automating and digitalizing all the content and promotions offered by any business to their customers.

Pre-configured campaign templates makes it quick and seamless to design campaigns and schedule them as and when required to be displayed.

Design, Schedule, Display

Our intuitive pre-defined templates are extremely easy and fast to configure, schedule and display on screens.

Signage Management

Signage Management

This admin application controls all the functions and features of Digital Signage Solution: 

  • Remote access
  • User accounts
  • Pre-defined campaign templates
  • Allocation of templates
  • Designing tools
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Screen selection
  • Campaign ordering

Screen Application


The screen application is based on Android and iOS platforms and displays the campaigns on any screen.

The application runs through any android and iOS based gateway like Mobile, Tablet, STB, Dongle, Android TV, Apple TV and the display adjusts to all kinds of screen sizes automatically.

  • Remote Management
  • Real-time updates
  • Plug and play
  • Modern and intuitive designs
  • Still and motion campaigns

One Solution For All

The platform of digital signage  can be used by numerous industries including hotels, restaurants, cafes & bars, hospitals, medical clinics, guest houses, motels, gastro, transportation, educational institutions, retail industry and many more which involve showcasing guests with their services and offerings.

Let us digitalize your campaigns!

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