Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation & Management Solution

The LEAN Hotel Reservation & Management Solution provides you with the best automated functions for your Bookings and Hotel Management with very few clicks. 

LEANVIA Hotel Reservation & Management  App makes it easy for the users to book the hotel in the couple of minutes without the need of any intermediary. 

Easily filling up the necessary requirements such as Date, location, conditions and stay duration, the system comes up with the best proposals and is good to go for the reservation with efficient and hassle free bookings. 

Reservation Made Easy

LEAN Hotel Reservation Solution is completely modular and customizable solution that could be molded according to the property/service provider’s requirement.

Customer App


Customer’s Reservation App manages all internal and external processes of the reservation

  • List of hotels/apartments/properties
  • Filtered Searches (location/price)
  • Availability check of a property
  • Check-In and Check-Out features
  • Total charges calculation
  • Booking confirmation 

Business App

Hotel Management App brings all the processes starting from taking an appointment till the final bookings. 

  • Property profile creation/updating
  • Upload latest photos of property
  • Schedule availability of property
  • Number of rooms available
  • Reservation schedule view
  • Reservation cancellation/modification 

One Solution For All

The entire solution is modular and can be customized completely according to organizational and customer’s requirement. Lean Hotel Management solution can also be collaborated with solution like Hospitality solutions for complete automation. 

Let us automate hotel reservation!

Contact us so we can customize the complete platform for your hotel facility.