LEAN E-Learning

This solution is focused on imparting online education to students where adequate resources could not be reached physically or due to challenges of not conducting classroom lectures.


LEAN E-Learning Solution is a one-stop online education platform for schools, colleges, universities, private tutors or any other service industry to impart knowledge and education to their students through easy to use state of the art set of apps.

The solution consists of backend administration panel, teachers’ application and students’ application automating and digitalizing all the services offered by educational institution to their students.

This solution is fully customizable which not just facilitates the teachers and students, but also automates all the processes of educational institution.

Education Made Easy

Education process is made fun and easy where both teaching and learning are done through mobile app.

Administration Panel

backend management

Complete backend administration solution for school, college, university or any educational institution.

  • Super Admin login
  • Students login and profiles
  • Categorization of Subjects
  • Video, audio and text lectures
  • Students login and profiles
  • Lecture archiving
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Security of content
  • Attendance system
  • Web conferencing solution

Teacher App

teacher's app

Teacher’s mobile app provides access to teacher portal for all their processes.

  • Login based access to classes and subjects
  • Attendance system
  • Lectures uploading
  • Upload of tests and their results 
  • Report cards
  • Analysis of students’ progress
  • Assignments generation and deadlines for assignments
  • Examination conducting
  • Web conferencing

Student App

student's app

Student’s mobile app provides access to teacher portal for all their processes.

  • Login based access to class, subjects and lectures
  • Lectures and assignments view
  • Mark as favorites to lectures
  • Login validity
  • Assignments submission
  • Participation in examinations
  • Regular assignments submission
  • Web conferencing

One Solution For All

The platform of e-learning can also be used by other industries including hospitals, fashion, tuitions and many more which involve imparting knowledge to students.

Let us automate eduction system!

Contact us so we can customize the complete platform for your institution.