LEAN Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality Solution

The solution designed and engineered to provide best in class hospitality and entertainment services to your guests.


LEAN Hospitality Solution is a one-stop hospitality platform for hotels or any other service delivery industry to provide their guests an easy to use state of the art hospitality experience.

The solution consists of backend management panel and guest application automating and digitalizing all the services offered by hotels to their guests.

This solution is fully customizable which not just facilitates the guests but also automates all the processes of hotel property.

Happy Guests, More Revenue

Keep your guests entertained all the time and make them happily come back again.

Backend Management + Conceirage Application


This admin application controls all functions and features of hospitality platform.

  • Backend management
  • Guests information
  • PMS integration
  • In-room services
  • Special offers
  • Food ordering
  • Taxi Order booking
  • House Keeping services
  • Information panel
  • Notification Messages to guests

Guest Application


Guest App provides all the hospitality services on their fingertips offered by a hotel.

  • Personalized app
  • Easy to operate intuitive GUI
  • In-room services
  • Food ordering
  • Taxi Ordering
  • House Keeping
  • Information panel
  • Special promotions
  • Charges overview
  • Notification Messages

One Solution For All

The platform of hospitality solution can also be used by other industries including hospitals, medical clinics, guest houses, motels, gastro and many more which involve facilitating guests with their services and offerings.

Let us automate hospitality services!

Contact us so we can customize the complete platform for your business.