e-Wallet Solution

With our LEAN e-Wallet Solution, the time of transaction is instantaneous and you can transfer money from one end to another with a blink of an eye.

LEAN Mobile wallet App is indeed important and it integrates the role of various providers, henceforth, LEAN e-wallet solution hold-ups the variety of payments be it electronic or another. 

From sending to receiving the funds, the LEAN e-wallet supports every type of transaction with ease. It steps up as a single door for all types of transactions and manages all types of money either digital or physical. 

Anytime-Anywhere support

The LEAN e-wallet adds value to the money by providing you with the best experience anytime and anywhere (24*7) with 100% safety and data security.

Payment Of Bills

The user can use wallet for payment of utility bills without entering credit card or bank account details. The transaction is spontaneous without any complication

Various utility bills that can be paid:

  • Phone
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Gas 
  • DTH 

Wallet to wallet, wallet to bank account and bank account to wallet payment transfers

User Experience

You don’t need to worry about security concerns as LEAN e-wallet solutions gives 100% secure platform for transactions and there is no threat to your data security.

There are no restrictions on the transaction count, when one visits the App and use our solution then one can transact “n” number of times without facing any issues


Wallet-to-Wallet transactions


LEAN Mobile Wallet App makes it easier to monitor and control all transactions and profiles anytime.

  • Money Exchange
  • Peer-to-peer payment
  • Payment of goods and services
  • Bank to Wallet and Wallet to Bank
  • Utility Bills: Internet, Water, Electricity
  • Corporate benefits – rewards
  • Loyalty Program – cash-back

One Solution For All

LEAN e-wallet solution provides a platform that integrates the role of various providers.

Let us automate transactions!

Contact us so we can customize the complete platform for your smooth transactions.