Hospital Management

LEAN Hospital Management Solution

This solution automates the appointment system and manages inventory at medical centers / hospitals / medical facilities (MF).


LEAN Hospital Management Solution is a one-stop online management platform for hospitals, medical facilities or any other medical center to automate internal processes and appointment system.

The solution consists of backend administration panel and mobile application for patients for automation and digitalization of all the services offered by medical institution to their patients.

This solution is fully customizable which not just facilitates the patients, doctors, nurses and medical staff, but also automates all the processes of a medical institution.

Apointments Made Easy

Getting appointment for a doctor or general appointment in hospital is made extremely simple and easy through patients’ mobile app.

Hospital Management

hospital facility

Hospital Management panel manages all internal and external processes of a hospital..

  • Entire booking solution of medical facility by user 
  • Inventory management of independent medical facility
  • MF can update their inventory and stock
  • Updating of MF inventory after every appointment completion 
  • Validating the appointment
  • Patient history
  • Statistics module for patients, vaccinations and appointments 

Patient Application

patient application

Patient Mobile App brings all the processes starting from taking an appointment till treatment process and history on finger tips.

    • Patient profile
    • Patient history
    • Search based on hospital, treatment or vaccination through app
    • Appointment booking for a particular time slot
    • Notification of appointment
    • Visit reminder
    • Doctor-patient consulting over voice call or video call

One Solution For All

The entire solution is modular and can be customized completely according to organizational requirement.

Let us automate hospital!

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