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LEANVIA provides customized innovative software solutions for your business requirements.


Our multi-directional approach makes it efficient to develop the software solution for challenges which you are trying to overcome.

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C platform, we design and develop user friendly software solutions to make complex processes look simple and elegant.

Let us develop the perfect software solution for development of your business.

Modern Software Design

Save Cost
Be Efficient
Get Automated

Our unique team comprising of engineers and business managers use their knowledge base and years of experience of various industries to develop a state of the art software solution to maximize the profit of your business.

Our global perspective brings versatility to the solution.

Let us automate your processes, bring efficiency to your business and save costs for you.

Software development

Tools We Work With


Our developers and programmers expertise in multiple core languages as well as advanced tools including Linux, Python, Java, Oracle, Visual Studio, Java Script, Angular, ASP.Net, SQL Server,  PHP, MySQL, Joomla and other major trending platforms and tools.

Once we understand your complete functional requirement, it is then recommended from our side which software development platform will be most suitable and efficient to make your solution the most versatile one.

Custom Software For Web, Cloud And Local Platform


Be it a fresh development or service management, our cross functional teams use multiple software development and management methodologies like Lean Software Development (LSD), ITIL, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile and Six Sigma to provide a fully customized solution developed for local server as well as cloud based hosted server.

During the entire process of development, our teams maintain constant communication with you so as to provide regular updates about the project progress and even entertain mid-project recommendations or modifications in order to produce state-of-the-art solution.

Smart & Interactive Design


The backend software is integrated with the frontend user applications through API using XML and JSON making the entire solution as one unified system, thus giving the best possible user experience.

Our software solutions are developed in such a way that they can be easily integrated with any other third-party softwares through defined API which makes our solutions highly interactive.

Uniquely Efficient Engineering


Before even the start of software coding, we address major possible issues including computer hardware performance limitation. To overcome these, we use multiple architectural patterns and invariably aim for developing software solutions with clean coding that consume minimal hardware resources.

This makes our engineered solutions incredibly efficient and unique.

One-Stop Solution


LEANVIA not only develops software and end-user applications, but also specializes in integration of the entire software solution with any hardware device.

Be it a Personal Mobile Phone, Tablet, Smart Watch, Set-Top-Box (STB), Smart TV, Dongle or any other hardware device, we integrate API of the software with SDK of the hardware to ensure flawless performance of the entire solution.

Hence, LEANVIA is a One-Stop Solution.

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