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We analyze your concerns and develop a business strategy to overcome all and bring success to your doorstep.


LEANVIA provides answers to all the questions concerning the success of your business.

Is it the right time to launch a new product? Should we enter B2C business or fix to B2B? Should we expand overseas? If yes, global or just few countries? How to increase the number of clients?

Right Move For Winning!

Your Success,
Our Strategy

Whether you are a start-up or a company with long tradition, your further success depends on your business strategy.

Let us offer our highly professional helping hand for your next move and finding the right direction for your company’s growth.

Business Strategy

Innovative & Independent View


A perspective from a neutral point of view is always beneficial for identifying the challenges and preparing the right strategy to overcome them. Let us offer our experienced and independent view to design one-time, short-term or long-term strategies for your business.

Connecting Global Clients With Your Business

With our years of experience and network, we contribute in the global success of your business.

That's How We Do It!

01. Understanding your Business

This will be our first aim on the way to improvement. We will discuss with you continually and analyze available data to find out maximum about your products, services and processes in your company. Once all the data is processed into information, next step is followed.

02. Analyzing Potential Problems

It is to make sure we realize maximum potential threads and prepare the strategy which minimizes risks. There will always be some risk involved, but we are here to make your company ready to deal with it.

03. Market Analysis

This is the most crucial. Whether expansion in local market or pan-nation or globally, we will help you analyze markets and specify those with biggest potential. Providing specification of market needs, competitors’ analysis, potential barriers to entry and regulations will help in your final decision.

04. Developing Business Strategy

This is our favorite part. We love joining all collected information and building a model of your future success. That comes with specifying vision, priorities and short-term as well as long-term goals, followed by an end-to-end strategy in order to achieve the specified goals keeping time as a resource.

05. Preparing Execution Plan

Strategy planned and implemented step by step is what we call execution plan. However it is not just our vision of how things should work. Every step and its timing have to be discussed and agreed to reflect possibilities of your business. At this point we are always eagerly looking forward to seeing it working in business reality.

06. Monitoring and Evaluation

Entire process is evaluated based on results. We constantly keep a monitor on the outcome, analyze the results and, if needed, modify the strategy to reach desired goals. This is an on-going process in every business lifecycle.

Let us develop the right business strategy for you!

Send us your project details so we can develop the most efficient business strategy for your business.